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Being the parent of a teenager can present its challenges, but getting braces does not have to be one of them! Modern braces for teens are an affordable, effective, and more comfortable treatment option for correcting alignment issues.

If you’re considering braces as an orthodontic treatment option in the Lafayette or Morgan City, LA areas, we look forward to answering your questions and encourage you to schedule a complimentary initial consultation to meet with us and discuss all available options.

What to Expect When Beginning Treatment

When your teen first gets braces, the appliances will require some getting used to, but you’ll soon find that life with braces is not much different. Your orthodontist and his team will walk you and your teen through the entire process and ensure that getting accustomed to treatment is a comfortable and pleasant experience that produces excellent results.

At the initial consultation, we will take digital scans and X-rays, and perform a detailed oral exam to help us gain a clear picture of your overall smile and bite alignment. We use this assessment to determine your customized treatment plan, including length of treatment, recommended treatment types, cost, and more.

Life with Braces

Braces are both a financial investment and an investment of your time, and in turn, should be treated like you would any other investment. As a result, your teen will have to make a few adjustments to their current lifestyle to protect their teeth, course of treatment, and overall oral health. However, most of our patients find they easily adjust to their new routine within the first week or two of treatment!

Foods to Avoid

Sticky and chewy foods can get stuck in the brackets of your braces while hard and crunchy foods can bend or break the wiring. While wearing braces, it’s best to avoid these foods. When you start treatment, we’ll provide you with a detailed list of foods to avoid eating and how to best protect your braces during mealtime.

Protecting Your Mouth During Sports

Sports are an essential part of physical and social development for many teenagers. Luckily, braces don’t have to keep teens from participating in sports.

Wearing a mouthguard is always a good idea when participating in sports where falls and physical contact are possibilities. However, a mouthguard is especially important for athletes who wear braces.

Cleaning Your Teeth with Braces

Although braces have come a long way in terms of design and appearance, they do still require additional care and maintenance to keep them clean. Our team will provide you with some tips and tools to properly clean around the brackets and wires.

Patients with braces should ensure to brush below the brackets and wire to keep the gum line clean and carefully brush the chewing surface of each tooth. Feel free to ask your orthodontist for advice on which type of toothpaste to use and other ways to effectively care for your braces!

Treatment Options

Metal Braces

Metal braces are a tried and true choice for treatment. They use a series of brackets that are affixed to the teeth and connected with a thin metal archwire. This wire is what gently and gradually shifts your teeth into position.

Clear Braces

The main difference between clear braces or ceramic braces and metal braces is the material. Tooth-colored ceramic blends in with the patient’s natural teeth to create a more discreet appearance during orthodontic treatment.

At Guidry & Horaist Orthodontics, we provide options when it comes to your customized treatment plan so that we can accommodate both your budget and smile goals. At your initial consultation, we will review all available options and help you find the best type of braces for you.