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Metal Braces: A Great Traditional Option

Metal braces are a great choice for patients of all ages and treatment needs. Just take a look around; you’ll see patients in metal braces all over Lafayette & Morgan City, LA.

As the most popular option for orthodontic treatment, metal braces are perfect for any case and are proven to be very effective at treating even the most complex orthodontic issues. Thanks to advancements in technology, these brackets are more sleek and comfortable than ever before.

What Makes Metal Braces Great?

Customizable with elastic ties/o-rings that come in dozens of colors and are changed out at each appointment. Just think red & green for Christmas or your favorite team colors for football season!

Guidry & Horaist Orthodontics uses a top-of-the-line metal bracket system. They are low-profile for a more comfortable fit.

The metal braces used at Guidry & Horaist Orthodontics are made right here in the USA!

Clear Braces: They’re Practically Invisible

With the same great results as metal braces, this type of bracket is the “clear” choice for patients in the Lafayette & Morgan City, LA areas. Made from a ceramic material that blends in with your natural tooth color, clear braces are an attractive option for patients who may prefer a more discreet and aesthetically appealing look during treatment.

While these brackets work in the same way as traditional braces, they may not offer the same level of durability. This is important to consider when choosing the right type of braces for you or your child; however, for those able to properly care for their braces, clear braces are an excellent option!

What Makes Ceramic Braces the “Clear” Choice

  • Our ceramic, or tooth-colored braces, offer the same excellent results as traditional metal braces in a more subtle way.
  • These clear braces are much less noticeable and are especially difficult to see in photos!
  • The ceramic, or clear braces, that Dr. Guidry & Dr. Horaist use are made right here in the USA!

Self-Ligating Brackets

Self-ligating brackets are similar to traditional brackets in that they are affixed to the teeth with thin metal wires threaded through slots in the brackets. However, self-ligating brackets do not use rubber bands to hold this wire in place. Instead, they use sliding door technology that adjusts as your teeth gradually move into place. With these brackets, adjustment appointments tend to be shorter and less frequent.